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I wasn’t even sure what the word “dying” meant anymore

В «Нью-Йоркере» — страшная статья о том, как мы умираем. Автор — Атул Гаванде, врач и журналист — рассказывает, среди прочего, о том, почему не получается «бороться до тех пор, пока это будет иметь смысл»:

We imagine that we can wait until the doctors tell us that there is nothing more they can do. But rarely is there nothing more that doctors can do. They can give toxic drugs of unknown efficacy, operate to try to remove part of the tumor, put in a feeding tube if a person can’t eat: there’s always something. We want these choices. We don’t want anyone—certainly not bureaucrats or the marketplace—to limit them. But that doesn’t mean we are eager to make the choices ourselves. Instead, most often, we make no choice at all.

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