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God says

История о том, как американский программист пишет свою собственную операционную систему с нуля и постепенно сходит с ума:

Oftentimes, those that wish to help can't, or are forced to only observe the problem seemingly get worse.

Perhaps, this is the unfortunate case for the author. His twitter started out with entries about LoseThos (2010):

«Fixed assembler bug relating to absolute addresses of C+ functions in asm expressions. Cleaned-up lots of code.» 29 Sep 10

But then, as time progressed, the topics changed and is now entirely consumed by posts such as the following:

«God says, „pronouncing smelling character provoke related remembrances Thinkest reply eager singeth kings something infinitely“» 28 Dec
After being initially surprised by the content, I believe that most struggle to try to understand what it means, and whether they should do anything other than ignore it. Is ignoring ever a good option?

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